Chatter: Anyone here with juvenile glaucoma?
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3.1 years ago
Stlmo2012 • 90

Anyone here with juvenile glaucoma? If so at what age were you diagnosed and what helped you manage the eye pressure?

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3.1 years ago
david 4.2k

The term "early-onset glaucoma" may be used when the disorder appears before the age of 40. “Congenital glaucoma” is a term often used when glaucoma is diagnosed within the first year after birth. However, there are many overlapping terms:

  • childhood glaucoma
  • congenital glaucoma
  • early-onset glaucoma
  • infantile glaucoma
  • juvenile glaucoma
  • pediatric glaucoma

Glaucoma more commonly develops in older adults. However, it can affect children or adults of any age. Many children are diagnosed before they are 6 months old. I have a friend who was diagnosed at 19. I was in my mid 40's.

In the FitEyes community, I have seen people of every age range who were diagnosed with glaucoma.

In regard to "what helped", one comment I can share is that I see a lot of parents of children with juvenile onsite glaucoma purchasing a tonometer to help them monitor their child's intraocular pressure.

The treatment options are essentially the same as for adults.


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