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FitEyes is the largest eye pressure research and glaucoma support community in the world. Founded in 2006, FitEyes is regarded as the pioneer of home eye pressure monitoring (self-tonometry) and patient-driven research. FitEyes shares a unique perspective on health that is empirical, expansive and empowering. Our close partnerships with the world's top ophthalmologists have resulted in medical research that has changed science's understanding of glaucoma, spurred new discoveries, and changed the lives of patients worldwide.

FitEyes engineered, designed and developed software for medical devices used by glaucoma patients worldwide. With the help of the FitEyes community and this custom software, FitEyes has created the world's largest database of research-quality intraocular pressure data. This data helps both ophthalmologists and patients. It also allows our community to have productive discussions that extend well beyond the norm. FitEyes isn't just a support group -- it is an active research community filled with dedicated and empowered individuals who, rather than stopping at offering encouragement, contribute to solutions that improve actual outcomes.

FitEyes is proud of our very devoted, highly knowledgeable and empowered members, and the resulting richness of information on our site. FitEyes membership is free, the content is all free, and even our FitEyes Insight software is free to members.

The FitEyes community and our continued research and development is all funded by the FitEyes store. This thriving store caters to our community rather than to the general public. Rather than sell anything and everything, the FitEyes store focuses on items that have been tried, tested and accepted by our community.

As you browse through our site and archives, you may see that FitEyes is unlike most support groups. You may notice the absence of any mindset that favors a "misery loves company" approach. Instead, what you will find is a highly collaborative and motivated community proactively looking towards solutions and improvement. This mindset is not a coincidence. Becoming a member of FitEyes will empower you (in more ways than you might imagine).

FitEyes can certainly help you answer questions about your eyesight and eye health. However, you may be surprised to discover all the other ways interacting with the FitEyes community makes your life better.

As you become more familiar with FitEyes, regardless whether just as an observer or someone actively engaged in self-tonometry, we hope you will utilize the resources to gain broader perspective. We will be happy to see you engage with our community, sharing your experiences and learnings with others, to allow us to collectively take ownership of and better manage our visual health - and this, we believe, will be the most empowering and healing opportunity for us all.

We hope you will support this community through donations, and buying supplements and other vision-related products in our store.

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