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Is this the full and current FAQ?

No. Please see the "help-site" tag for current answers to all questions about Ask FitEyes. Please ask any questions you have which are not already answered. A stand-alone FAQ doesn't make much sense for a site like Ask FitEyes because the entire site is answers to questions and the most useful or frequently asked are voted up. You could say the entire site is a FAQ; you can narrow down your search for answers using the sections, tags, search and more. All these features are explained in our tutorials. See the next entry below.

How to use Ask FitEyes

We have prepared several tutorials to help you learn how to use [Ask FitEyes][1]

Participation Rules

Commercial or political solicitations or promotions are not allowed, including the promotion of network marketing products. Inappropriate or disrespectful language will cause your post to be removed. Trolling will not be tolerated. Users posting obvious spam will be immediately banned.


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User reputation

The number next to a user's name is the sum of upvotes and accepted answers that user has collected.

Becoming a moderator

Active users above a certain reputation threshold are periodically promoted to moderators. You may also explicitly ask for moderation rights or suggest good candidates on the newsgroup. Inactive users that do not visit the site for extended periods of time may lose their moderation rights.

How do I post in the science section?

Please contact FitEyes support to request permission to post in the science section.

Supporting FitEyes

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