Icare cost?
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16 months ago
Stlmo2012 • 90

What is the cost of Icare tonometer. Is Icare accurate or should we consider Reichert?

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16 months ago
david 3.9k

What is the cost of an Icare tonometer?

You can now buy or rent an Icare tonometer. The following company was created out of the FitEyes community and it offers discounts to FitEyes members. Please contact Enlivened to get the most current pricing:

Tonometers | Enlivened Online Dispensary https://www.enlivened.com/tonometers/

Is Icare accurate or should we consider Reichert?

Yes, an Icare is accurate. The main differences between an Icare HOME and a Reichert 7CR are:

  • portability: the Icare is easily portable; you can travel with a Reichert, but it is not designed to be portable. It weighs around 35 pounds.
  • ease of use: the Riechert is much easier to use. The Icare will never be as simple to use as a Reichert, but it is easy enough for almost any glaucoma patient.
  • cost: the Reichert costs more than twice as much

A fair number of FitEyes members own both tonometers. If cost is not an issue and portability is not essential, choose a Reichert 7CR. A Reichert 7CR will give you research-quality intraocular pressure data right at home.

That said, more people are choosing the Icare due to its lower cost. And universally, they are happy with it.

A few days ago someone sent this message to the FitEyes mailing list:

Really, I'm falling in love with my little guy. So far I'm only using the software that came on a stick because I'm waiting for my android so I can start using the FitEyes software. But yeah, it's like a dream came true. I can measure my own IOP and I don't need to anxiously wait for weeks until my next appointment, not knowing what the heck is going on with my IOP.

It took me two days to figure out how to measure, it kept on beeping, but I was persistent and figured it out. The trick was more to keeping my eyes wide open, so my long eye lashes don't hit the probe.

Yay! Thank you for FitEyes for encouraging me to get the thing.

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To clarify, I read in specifications that Reichert 7CR is 23 lbs. In comparing ICare with Reichert, I’m wondering: 1) Is Reichert more durable long-term? 2) Is Reichert less maintenance (no need for disposable probe covers)? 3) Does Reichert have a noisy humming sound when on? 4) Does Reichert need to warm up a few minutes before ready for use each time? 5) Is Reichert energy-efficient? 6) Are there periodic software updates provided with either ICare &/or Reichert? 7) Does ICare use rechargeable batteries?

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Those are all great questions. Please ask a new question here in regard to the Reichert. A good title would be "Is the Reichert tonometer more duration and lower maintenance than other home tonometers?"

As to the Icare batteries, they are not rechargeable, but you can switch to rechargeable batteries if you wish.

Regarding periodic software updates for the Icare, yes, they do have a history of providing those. I assume it will continue.

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