generic version of combigan
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8 weeks ago
jason pak • 10

Is generic version of combigan as good as brand? are there any side effects?

thank you.

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8 weeks ago
EyeTidbits • 70

In general, a generic medication has same active ingredients & strength as a brand medication, but may contain different inactive ingredients or preservatives, etc. An infrequently published fact, the last I knew, FDA allows -20% to +125% difference in bioavailability from a brand, for a generic to be approved. So, whether a generic is “just as good” as a brand depends on each individual’s needs or sensitivity. Generics can be manufactured by another high quality brand manufacturer, or by a lower quality cost-savings manufacturer. Potential side effects may be increased with generics. So, there are many factors to weigh, but generics are driven by cost-savings. If you can afford the brand or if you have advanced glaucoma & don’t have as much vision left to spare or if you are sensitive to medications in general, the brand is always your best option whenever possible/affordable. Here is link to a detailed clinical article:

Every medication has possible side effects. Your pharmacy will only mention most common ones, but here is link to a complete list for Combigan side effects (especially if drug is absorbed systemically). Biggest concern is with Combigan or its generic is the Timolol ingredient - it’s a beta-blocker & can affect heart & organs long-term. Potential side effects for generic Combigan would be similar to brand, here’s link:


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