Tutorial: How Can I Help Improve the Ask FitEyes site?
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3.1 years ago
david 4.2k

What kind of help do you need?

Here are some ideas:

  • Ask a lot of good questions on https://ask.fiteyes.com
    • You can ask new questions
    • You can take any of your favorite questions you have asked on the email list in the past and post them on https://ask.fiteyes.com. When you do that, please pay attention to formatting, spelling, etc.
    • You can request others to post your favorite questions they have asked to Ask FitEyes
  • If you are a good editor, contact me and I will give you permission to edit posts (to improve formatting, grammar, spelling, etc., or to clarify).
  • Answer any questions you can
  • Vote on questions and answers
  • Migrate articles from www.fiteyes.com to ask.fiteyes.com
  • Post daily news articles in the News section of Ask FitEyes. For example, I just posted this one:
    Citicoline may protect patients against glaucoma | FitEyes
  • Report any bugs or problems you encounter
  • Tell your eye health professionals that we are building the world's premier knowledge base for patient-focused glaucoma topics (and eye health in general) and ask them to participate
  • Share the link https://ask.fiteyes.com on social media (and anywhere else you can share it)
  • If you have graphic design or web development computer skills, please volunteer to help in making the site look better or in adding new features. The site is coded in Python.

  • Offer any suggestions you have

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