Glaucoma and reading (screens and books) Help!!!
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10 weeks ago
alenseas • 0

I am 38 years old and I was recently diagnosed with open angle Glaucoma (I already have some vision field lost on my left eye), we had some doubts if it may be normal tension glaucoma (the first 2 readings of my iop were 16 in both eyes and 12 in both eyes), but my last iop reading was 23 (left) and 26 (right). I started treatment with travorprost and my IOP will be check again in 2 months.

My question is: Could I save some vision (delay vision loss) if I stop using computers? Can screens raise my IOP? Is reading books better than reading from a screen?

I recently (2 years ago) changed my career path from teaching to IT, right now I work on a computer all day long and after that I study C.S for about 3-4 hours (previously I was also gaming but I stopped it). If saving some vision is the prize I wouldn't mind going back to my previous job.

I've spoken with 3 specialists so far, they are wonderful about explaining Glaucoma and IOP as well as treatments but no one will answer my doubts in regard to screens and book reading, they just talk about the 20/20/20 rule and about following the treatment (but they won't address my doubt about getting away from the screen could be beneficial delay some vision loss).

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