How do you aquire tonometer and get access to data?
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11 weeks ago

I have looked on the site and can't find answer to this question (I am sure it is here somewhere!). Where are people buying their tonometers so that they get access to the iop data? I have looked online to buy a tonometer and I am finding sites that require doctors office prescription and to oversee data collection, they require fees every month etc. and in some cases the patient doesn't get to see the iop pressure readings. I would like to have control / see the data since my damage occurred rapidly while I was being followed by a doctor and eating healthy exercising etc I feel like there must be something going on that is not being picked up quickly enough. If this question needs to be moved etc let me know Thanks so much, Steph

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11 weeks ago
Jim Smith • 20

FitEyes can provide you with the software tools and advice you need to keep all your IOP data under your control. The FitEyes software is free (and there's no monthly subscription cost). FitEyes offers software for both the Icare and Reichert tonometers, and their software follows the philosophy you describe - you maintain control of your data.

You can purchase (or rent) a tonometer here:

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