How do doctors make a conclusive diagnosis of pigment dispersion?
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3 months ago
BrianB • 80

I am curious to know how doctors make the diagnosis of pigment dispersion (definitively). As I have mentioned here, I seem to be having IOP spikes sometime after long and/or harder bike rides. But it doesn't happen until 2-6 hours later (when it happens).

The interesting thing is that IOP is significantly lower right after riding. Then sometime afterward it can increase quite a lot.

I mentioned pigment dispersion to my (new) doctor, and she said that she didn't see any indications of it, and that typically the spikes people see are much higher than what I am seeing. So I wonder if that is still a possibility for me, and if so how it would be diagnosed.

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3 months ago
david 2.9k

According to Dr. Robert Ritch, based on what you said, pigmentary glaucoma is not ruled out. You may our may not have it. He asks, Do you have the following on exam?

  • Krukenberg spindles
  • Pigment in anterior chamber after dilation
  • Zentmayer ring
  • Radial iris transillumination defects with scleral transilluminator
  • Posterior iris concavity
  • Dense trabecular pigmentation

Those are the criteria for a diagnosis of pigmentary glaucoma.


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