Does anyone know of a natural solution for atrial fibrillation?
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4 months ago

I have atrial fibrillation (afib), approximately 30% of time based on two week constant Zio patch monitor. I was hit by a car years ago, I was pedestrian. That triggered Afib. (I also have glaucoma.)

Has anyone found a natural solution for managing atrial fibrillation?

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4 months ago

I had AFIB for maybe 7 years, with episodes 4-5 times a year, each lasting from 3 to 20 hours. They never caught it on the holter monitor. However, one time I needed to go to hospital to manage it. I did not want to take medication regularly, so my cardiologist gave me beta blockers to take during episodes. My cardiologist advised me to lose weight (I am 182 cm and my weight was 93 kg). I started intermittent fasting 16/8 and in a few months achieved weight of 78 kg. At the same time I found Dr. Sinatra recommendations of taking Taurine, Magnesium and L-Carnitine Tartrate for AFIB. I found out that this combination of supplements stops AFIB episodes within one hour, faster than medication. With approval of my cardiologist I am taking these supplements regularly and it resolved my AFIB problem. Always work with your cardiologist regarding any supplements for AFIB!

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From the FitEyes email discussion:

Nice to see natural alternatives for Afib. I will ask my glaucoma specialist and cardiologist about this option. Amiodarone is used for Afib and I've been on it for 15 years. However, Amiodarone can be a problem for the eyes:

Amiodarone can affect your eyes, resulting in corneal deposits and even severe damage to the optic nerve – leading to vision loss – an unexpected side effect of the heart medication

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Here is link to Dr. Sinatra's recommendation

My cardiologist recommended Taurine instead of D-Ribose and Q10. However I take Q10 for eyes anyway


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