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3.0 years ago
cindywink1 • 20

I have recently com across a homeopathic ophthalmologist named Dr. Kondrot. He seems to offer a system of healing that is helping scores of people with all types of eye related problems. I am surprised to not find his name mentioned here. I am interested to know if anyone here in the group is familiar with his practice.

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3.0 years ago

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Dr. Kondrot used to post on FitEyes many years ago. He even had his own FitEyes blog. He was ultimately asked to leave FitEyes because of multiple misleading and/or untrue claims.

Here's a review from a fellow anonymous FitEyes member (posted privately to the email discussion group):

Date: Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 2:27 PM

I had seen Kondrot some years ago, and the kindest thing I can say is that I was not impressed. I would never recommend him to anyone, for anything. My experience is that he makes claims, which he cannot back up. If he has done "research", I don't believe it is published in any mainstream scientific or medical journal.

Here's another private email list conversation initiated by a FitEyes member after reading Dr. Kondrot's newsletter where he showed before and after visual field tests. The member's question was replied to by an expert:

Date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 7:53 AM

I've watched Dr Kondrot's videos and read his newsletters. Everything he suggests sounds reasonable and sincere. I wonder however about his claims of success in reversing severe visual field defects to almost zero defects. If this is possible, and I doubt it, then there is hope for all of us. What I suspect however, is that the one set of images he shows of a before and after Visual Field test, showing remarkable improvement, was a one-off case. If that was his only example or only patient with this level of improvement, then that seems more likely.

My team investigated Dr. Kondrot's published before and after visual field tests that you refer to. The before and after tests were done with different test configurations. They appear to be purposefully misleading. When confronted about this, Dr. Kondrot initially denied everything, but eventually claimed incompetence -- he said he and his team did not know how to operate the visual field testing equipment. During correspondence, it became clear that this was in fact true. Dr. Kondrot and his staff lacked proper training in conducting visual field tests.

However, my team concluded that in addition to incompetence, there was also an attempt to mislead. After the mistakes were explained to him, and he was asked to retract his false claims, he did not do so. He continued making the false claim about improvements in visual field results before and after his treatment even after he definitely knew the tests he used did not support his claims.

I have seen other private discussions by FitEyes members and the bottom line is that people who saw Dr. Kondrot spent a lot of money on his products and services and, at best, did not feel they got their money's worth. At worst, they got nothing of value and may have been given harmful advice.


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