Accuracy of Icare tonometer with dry eyes?
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26 days ago
Callum2014 • 10

I am wondering how the Icare tonometer readings are affected by dry eyes?

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26 days ago

I use an Icare. My IOP seems to be the same with or without drops for dryness. I have tested measuring before and after dryness drops (artificial tears) and I got very similar results.

Some of the techs at my glaucoma specialist's office have said that dry eyes could cause my IOP to read higher than expected. However, that would depend on the type of tonometer being used. I believe that Reichert air puff tonometers may be more affected by dry eyes than the Icare, but that's only my guess.

Also, the amount of dryness you experience would make a difference. If your eyes are extremely dry, I would recommend you use artificial tears before using your tonometer, regardless of which tonometer you use.

Also, if you suffer from dry eyes, there are dietary supplements that can help, as well as foods. See this related question:

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