Chatter: PEA effectiveness in reducing IOP
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27 days ago
Tulip70 • 20
@ tulip70

What has been other's experience w/ adding PEA to their vitamin protocol in reducing IOP reading by how much? and does the brand make a difference. I've started w/ PURE NOOTROPICS PEA but also see PEAPURE on fiteyes website. There is also Mirica that adds Luteolin. Any info. will be appreciated.

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27 days ago
david 2.5k

Effect of palmitoylethanolamide on visual field damage progression in normal tension glaucoma patients: results of an open-label six-month follow-up - PubMed


PEA reduces IOP and improves visual field indices in individuals affected by normal tension glaucoma. Neither ocular nor systemic side effects were recorded during the study period.

However, my research and my experience with taking PEA lead me to conclude the that the most important benefit I get from taking PEA is reduced neuroinflammation. It is remarkably effective in accomplishing this result. Not everyone sees a reduction in IOP from taking PEA, but everyone will benefit from the reduced neuroinflammation, according to my research.

I have sent samples of most PEA (palmitoylethanolamide) products to independent analytical labs for testing. Based on my testing, the best PEA is:

PEAmium (PEA) 400mg - 120 Capsules by Awakened.Energy

I personally developed this product. My goal was to create the highest quality PEA at a fair price. PEAmium is at least as high quality as PeaPure, and it costs almost 50% less. It is free of all excipients. Every batch is independently lab tested and a current Certificate of Analysis from an ISO 17025 lab is always available. I put my reputation on my statement that you will not find a better quality PEA product than PEAmium.

There are hundreds of studies on PEA. It has been studied for decades. You can spend weeks or months reading the research. It's an amazing supplement. Here's one more study related to IOP:

Palmitoylethanolamide Effects on Intraocular Pressure After Nd:YAG Laser Iridotomy: An Experimental Clinical Study

PEA can counteract the increase of IOP that occurs after iridotomy. It is likely that PEA controls the inflammatory process after iridotomy.


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