News: Visual Field Testing Breakthrough: AT-HOME Visual Field testing
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Revolutionary Visual Field Testing - Making it easy to protect your patients. CLINIC or WEB-BASED

Now you can perform reliable visual field testing that maintains the HEALTH & SAFETY of patients and staff in your office. The NEW MRF (Melbourne Rapid Fields) is available as a clinic-based reliable visual field device that affords minimal human contact and can be easily sanitized in under 2-minutes thereby mitigating cross contamination between patients. Test options include Full Field 30-2, Full Grid 24-2, Macular 10-2 and Screening

Now you can offer AT-HOME Visual Field testing with the MRF WEB-based visual field. Provide peace of mind to your home-bound glaucoma patients. The convenient easy-to-use software offers testing in under 3-minutes per eye while you monitor the results from your office.

NILES, Ill. (PRWEB) May 04, 2020

M&S Technologies, internationally recognized leader, in creating essential products eye professionals rely on, has partnered with the University of Melbourne and to release the “Melbourne Rapid Fields - Visual Field Suite (MRF)” which consists of In-Clinic and Online Visual Field testing.

“We’re excited to release the Melbourne Rapid Fields – A Visual Field which allows for the user to utilize one or both products to fit their individual need. The MRF-Clinic has been published, peer reviewed and demonstrates a high correlation to the Humphrey HFA Perimeter. A significant advantage is that the unit can be sanitized in less than 2 minutes between patients mitigating exposure to the COVID virus. The Online Visual Field screening allows the eyecare professional to monitor patients in the comfort of their home,” says Joe Marino, President & CEO.

The new MRF Visual Field Tablet is meticulously designed and calibrated to deliver consistent results. The portability enabled by the new space saving design allows for reliable testing on and off-site. The simple interface makes it easy to use and reduces test time.

This revolutionary software has been peer reviewed and published by leading journals. Tests include: Full field 30-2, Full grid 24-2, Macular 10-2, Screening as well as Visual Acuity assessment. Patient data is auto-populated providing immediate, accurate HFA style reports.

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About M&S Technologies:
Founded in 1990, M&S Technologies is a software development and device manufacturer, rooted in innovative software development, local manufacturing and stellar customer service. M&S specializes in visual acuity testing systems. Known worldwide for our leading technological advancements, M&S is dedicated to bringing high quality, extremely accurate testing products to eye-care professionals, optometry schools and universities.

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