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3 months ago
wdaug • 10

Hello, in September my Optometrist told me that I had high normal IOP and to come back in 6 months. Not feeling it was a good idea to wait, I made on appointment with a local Ophthalmologist. I have since had visual field testing as well as optic nerve testing, but I’m not sure what that test is called. My pressures are running 18-20. But I have vision loss and optic nerve damage in both eyes. I was started on Latanoprost drops in December.

I am a registered nurse but have never really learned/dealt with patients with eye problems. This diagnosis has really shocked me.

I am not comfortable with this Ophthalmologist. He is very quiet and has not explained anything to me nor has his staff. I am so upset that I already have vision loss/optic nerve damage. I don’t know how this happened if I have high normal pressures. Also I have been on Latanoprost for a month and had pressures checked on Thursday, they were 18/19. These are the same pressures I have had since September, shouldn’t they have dropped some from the drops?

I do have a history of migraine since I was 14 (61 now). They are bad, 8-10 a month for many many years. I was started on Nurtec a year ago and it has really helped reduce the occurrence ms to 2-3 per month. Many times I feel like I am being stabbed in the back of my eye with a knife. Most of the migraines are right sided and focused on my right eye.

I also have lattice degeneration in my right eye.

If the pressures are not causing this damage, what could be causing it? Shouldn’t I find out or is this something that I will never be able to pin down?

I am wondering if I should see a Glaucoma Specialist or if they are more for people with high IOP? The closest one I can find is an hour and a half away. That is not a problem, but is there a listing somewhere of Glaucoma Specialists? They seem to be difficult to find.

Any thoughts on my diagnosis, possible causes, and the specialist would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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