Chatter: Sharing personal experience of the integrative therapy for the chronic eye conditions
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3 months ago
sparnaik • 10

I would like to share personal experience of my recent integrative eye therapy from the Netra Eye Institute in Edison, New Jersey. The intent of my post is to spread awareness and help the community for those looking for alternative medicine (holistic therapy) for the chronic eye conditions such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration etc. I am not affiliated with the institute, nor do I have any personal economic interest for publishing this post.

I have been suffering with mild primary open-angle glaucoma for the past 18 years. I have been using eye drops to control the eye pressures and have also undergone laser eye procedure about a couple years ago. The eye pressures had been under control, but the eye-drops were causing side-effects of excessive eye redness and itchiness. I came across Netra Eye Institute located in New Jersey. Netra Eye Institute (Dr. Saikumar Gandapodi) offers an integrative approach to treat chronic eye conditions. The therapy includes Chinese Acupuncture and Ayurvedic treatment with herbal medicine. Dr. Gandapodi conducted a suite of comprehensive eye tests to establish a baseline before recommending the therapy. Based on my eye condition and the baseline results, I was recommended a14-day therapy course. I recently finished the therapy and am already experiencing significant improvements in both eyes in terms of visual acuity, reduction in prescription correction numbers and better eye pressure readings. If you are looking for an alternative holistic approach to treat eyes, I would definitely recommend giving a visit to Netra Eye Institute (

With Best Wishes, Sarang

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