Science: Switching to preservative-free glaucoma medications improves eye health and IOP control
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14 months ago
david 4.3k

Simplified Abstract

Objective: Halting and reversing glaucoma therapy-related ocular surface disease (GTR-OSD) will improve the success of long-term medical therapy, impacting millions of patients worldwide.

Methods: A single-centre, masked, prospective, placebo-controlled, crossover trial of:

  • 41 well-controlled open-angle glaucoma subjects
    • with moderate to severe glaucoma therapy-related ocular surface disease (GTR-OSD)
    • on preserved latanoprost and dorzolamide/timolol fixed combination (DTFC) therapy

was conducted.

Results: Glaucoma therapy-related ocular surface disease (GTR-OSD) improved with preservative-free therapy.

Conclusions: Changing from preserved to PF glaucoma medications improves ocular surface health and IOP control. Topical cyclosporine 0.1% further reverses GTR-OSD.

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