Chatter: My Intraocular Pressure After Using Cannabigerol (CBG) For A Month
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12 months ago

I thought it maybe useful to also mention my experience with's CBG product. I am 77 years old with open angle glaucoma in my right eye. I have been measuring my IOP for several years using an iCare HOME tonometer. I measure three times a day:

  • in the morning before drops
  • around 5 pm before drops
  • at night before drops.

I started CBG over a month ago. I take about 1/3 of a full dropper in the morning and the same again before bed.

I am attaching below my before and after IOP measurements. There has been a marked reduced in the daily variation in IOP [and a 12.7% reduction in average IOP]. (See statistics below image.)

IOP Before and After Cannabigerol (CBG)

Admin's Notes:

Average IOP:

  • Before: 11.25
  • After: 9.97

12.7% IOP reduction

IOP Variance

  • Before: 3.32 mmHg
  • After: 1.15 mmHg

IOP variance reduced by about 188%
Another way to say this is that variance was only 34.7% as large as before.

IOP Standard Deviation:

  • Before: 1.82 mmHg
  • After: 1.07 mmHg

IOP standard deviation reduced by about 70%
Another way to say this is that standard deviation was only 59% as large as before.

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