Can we help fund a trial for this new glaucoma therapy? A Hydrogel that opens a new pathway to drain humor and lowers intraocular pressure
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6 months ago
JJ • 160

There is a university professor who has developed a Hydrogel that can be injected in the eyes to open a new pathway to drain excess aqueous humor and lower the intraocular pressure. It appears to be a very low risk procedure. This hydrogel lasts around 6 months and can be easily replaced twice a year. It was successfully tested on monkeys in 2021.

He is trying to raise funds for a human trial but apparently it is taking a long time in today's uncertain and inflationary economic environment.

Could FitEyes help him raise money more quickly so that his product is proven succcessful or not in humans, and if successful, we all benefit from it sooner?

If this can be done, please let me know how to put you in touch with this professor.


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6 months ago
david 4.2k

The FitEyes community includes a number of members who have extensive business and financial experience. Some have run startup companies. Some have run high-profile public companies. Some are in finance and some are lawyers.

We have successfully helped glaucoma-related startups raise funding in the past. Any time we can help bring a new product or service to market that will help those of us living with glaucoma, I'm personally interested in helping.

In this case the best thing to do is to reach out to me directly. You have my email address.


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