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14 months ago
Mimi • 10

Hello , So i'am doing self tonometry and this morning when i wake up i mesured and iop was 26 and within 1 mins without changing m'y position i mesured thé same eye and it was 14 Do you know how Can i explain this fluctuation from 26 to 14. Should i consider the value of 26. Tp022 or TP001 because i have to types and i observed that with tp022 i have higher values of iop Thank you

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14 months ago
david 4.3k

Do you know how can I explain this IOP fluctuation from 26 to 14?

While these IOP values are not uncommon among glaucoma patients, they went largely unrecognized before self-tonometry. Now that more of us have home tonometers, we are finding that our IOP is not as stable or not as low as it might have appeared to be.

Some people may be inclined to question their tonometer. However, the iCare HOME 2 is a very reliable and accurate tonometer. These IOP values are almost certainly accurate.

Should i consider the value of 26.

Absolutely, yes! Considering it could save your eyesight in the long run. This value is telling you that your IOP is likely not well-managed enough during the night. Achieving better nocturnal intraocular pressure control is a challenge for all of us. Be thankful that your tonometer alerted you to the fact that you, like many of us, face this challenge.

If you are not already a member of our email discussion group, please consider joining that. We have many conversations on this topic. You can also ask more questions here if you want to learn about reducing your intraocular pressure while you sleep.


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