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7 months ago
Suzanne • 60

My GS has changed one of my eye drops to Simbrinza which cost (with my insurance) about $275 for a 3 month supply ($91 per month). Or, the GS office can give me two prescriptions for the two ingredients listed in Simbrinza, brinzolamide and brimonidine tartrate, which would cost a total of about $70 for 3 months ($24 per month).

Besides the inconvenience of putting 2 separate drops in each eye twice a day (I also use vyzulta at night), is there anything else I should be aware of by separating the ingredients such as more BAK added to my eyes or anything else?

Thank you in advance for your comments, Suzanne

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I should add... I just checked Good RX and they have an 8ml bottle of Simbrinza for 185 (61 per month).

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7 months ago
Daywalker • 240

Combination drops are great for convenience and for minimizing your exposure to BAK. However, a brand name combination drop like Simbrinza can be very expensive, even with insurance. Personally, I would just go with the two separate generic drops (brinzolamide and brimonidine) and save money. However, if you want to stick with Simbrinza perhaps try going to the manufacturer's website and see if they offer a coupon which can save you a lot of money. However, you cannot be on Medicare.

A third option:

If with insurance the cost is still high and/or you cannot get a manufacturer’s coupon, then try an on-line Canadian pharmacy. They allow you to just electronically upload a copy of a prescription A good company is ( ). A lot of their glaucoma drops you can select to be sourced from Canada (versus, say, from India, Turkey, etc). Other Canadian websites don’t allow you to choose the country of origin which is a concern for me (I don’t want drops from India or Turkey). It is also one of 63 companies that have a CIPA seal (Certified International Canadian Pharmacy) - For safety, I wouldn’t order from a Canadian company without that.

At Canadian pharmacy there are 3 ways to submit a prescription from your doctor:

Number 1: By email

(You can just scan the prescription yourself and send to them - I confirmed).

Number 2. By fax number 1-866-783-4223

Number 3. By mail

Of course, submitting by e-mail is the easiest and best way. Fax machines are so old school.

Anyways, the price for Simbrinza there is $137 for one bottle (10 mL).


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