Science: Treatment of Glaucoma Patients with Flammer Syndrome
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J Clin Med. 2021 Sep; 10(18): 4227. Published online 2021 Sep 17. doi: 10.3390/jcm10184227 PMCID: PMC8467118 PMID: 34575340 Treatment of Glaucoma Patients with Flammer Syndrome Katarzyna Konieczka* and Josef Flammer Georgios Labiris, Academic Editor


Flammer syndrome (FS) describes a phenotype characterized by the presence of primary vascular dysregulation along with a number of symptoms and signs. Although most people with FS are healthy, FS favors the occurrence of certain diseases, such as normal tension glaucoma. This is because disturbed autoregulation makes the eye more sensitive to intraocular pressure (IOP) spikes or blood pressure drops. Treatment of FS is generally appropriate when patients either suffer greatly from their symptoms or if we can assume that it has contributed to a disease. In glaucoma, this may be the case if the glaucoma damage progresses despite well-controlled IOP. Both the still sparse scientific studies and our long clinical experience suggest that FS-targeted therapy not only relieves the symptoms of FS but also slows the progression of glaucoma damage in selected cases. This description is intended not only to help affected patients but to also motivate clinicians and researchers to conduct therapy studies to confirm or refute our observations.

Keywords: glaucoma, normal tension glaucoma, Flammer syndrome, calcium channel blockers, magnesium, nutrition, antioxidants

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