How does therapeutic ultrasound for glaucoma actually reduce IOP?
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6 months ago

Here is a question to Dr. Donald Schwartz about therapeutic ultrasound for glaucoma. In one of your papers, you wrote:

We hypothesized that the application of low-power and low-frequency focused ultrasound energy to the trabecular meshwork could result in the lowering of intraocular pressure by triggering a similar cytokine cascade to that triggered by SLT laser. To verify the hypothesis, we designed a prospective study.

What is the mechanism by which a cytokine cascade in the anterior chamber leads to long-term reduced intraocular pressure in glaucoma?

How long does the increased inflammation persist post-treatment in eyes treated by TUG?

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6 months ago

The inflammation after treatment as seen at the slit lamp is minimal transitory and is not seen clinically after 24 hours. SLT laser has as its MOA a triggering of specific cytokines which lead in part to matrix metalloproteinase which decreases trabecular meshwork obstruction.

The TUG treatment was designed by combining the sonomechanical effect of low frequency ultrasound and its thermal effect to also trigger inflammatory cytokines.


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