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4 months ago
glaucoma1960 • 20

Has anyone brouht their icare to their doc appointment and took a reading wile at the doc to compare with the goldman reading of their IOP. I'll be curious the difference in mmgh

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I sure did, when I first got my iCare. The results agreed within 1 or 2 mmHg. I think that is pretty good, when you consider that any two readings on the iCare taken five minutes apart often vary by 1 mmHg or more. And the difference between the doctor's assistant taking the measurement when I first arrive (usually with an iCare type of tonometer) and the doctor's measurement during examination (using the fancy equipment) can easily vary by more than 2 mmHg. After a couple of years using iCare my conclusion is that over time iCare provides reasonably accurate information about my IOP's that might easily go unnoticed during relatively infrequent visits to the doctor's office.


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