IOP during sleep
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15 days ago

I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions regarding how to elevate the head while sleeping. A wedge pillow seems not to work very well. (The pillow moves around too much...or else I do.) Do people use adjustable beds in order to be more upright, or have you tried other supportive devices/techniques that you can possibly recommend ? Specific brand names, if you have any, would be helpful.

Thank you !


nocturnal-iop • 48 views
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15 days ago
joannemarion • 10

Hi Kate. I got an idea from one of the FitEyes members to elevate the head of the bed. I have a stack of hardbound books under each leg of the head of the bed and so there is about a 25% raise. I am much more comfortable than when trying the wedge pillow. Hope that helps. Joanne


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