Belkin Laser
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5 months ago
Callum2014 • 120

Has anyone had any experience with the Belkin Laser? It was created in Israel and is supposed to be a good option, other than SLT. It does not touch the eye at all. Wilmer is not using it and am wondering if it is even available in this country? Thanks, Elle

ophthalmology-instruments • 134 views
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The company received Series B funding in 2020.

BELKIN Laser Finalizes Series B Funding Totalling $12.25M

For those of you not familiar with venture capital or startup company financing, this indicates that the company it at a very early stage of its product development. Given the length of time required for medical device companies to complete research, development and the regulatory approval processes, I would not expect to see the Belkin Laser available for several more years.

I'm adding this as a comment rather than an answer, because I don't know the company's timeline.


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